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The Company

Glauco Rubbi's Story

Art, sophistication, wisdom, all qualities assigned to Mr Glauco Rubbi, who since 1962 learned from the best and the undisputed masters of the goldsmith's art, such as Sardinian sign. Nucio Pani, Lillino Pala, Piero pantis and others.


Making use of these sophisticated techniques, in 1973 he founded his first company goldsmith in which realized a line of traditionafiligree, since then and for several years sold throughout the Sardinian territory.

In 1979 began to work Concas Alessandra (shasha) as a goldsmith's apprentice, then as a worker, and finally, for his creativity and professional skills above all limits, as manager and director of the laboratory.


At the end of 1983, with her partner Glauco, which then will become his wife, born the "Glauco Creazioni"

The Glauco Creazioni is the first in Sardinia to create, produce and distribute jewels of inimitable workmanship and splendor.


After 30 years there in Sardinia, at the passing of SHA and GLA, the Glauco Creazioni ,with passion and skills transmitted lovingly, continues to make jewelry in an increasingly exclusive and undisputed line.

How our brands' born

The Glauco Creazioni company produces and distributes its filigree Sardinian high manufacturing for over 41 years, exactly since 1973, making filigree jewelry increasingly affordable , interpreting the different tastes of the public and ranging from eccentric to sober character.

The first line brand, Glauco Line, since 1973 continues to be a style and fashion icon increasingly innovative.
Composed entirely by the granulation technique - GRANUM- makes the jewelry more bright and exclusive.

In 1996 comes the second line of glaucous creations, Ylenja line, inspired by the name of the fourth child, a strong personality brand in its distinctive design, with a vast and rich collection inspired by symbols belonging from ancient Sardinian history.

The success of the company, found the great response of the two lines Glauco and Ylenja, has allowed Glauco Creazioni to invest and create a third brand in the near 2012, Line Su Kokku, traditionally rich in ancient and mystical stories, which allows to express and reconfirm the ability to realize and give maximum inspiration in the new collection.

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