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Sardinian typical Filigree jewels

In Sardinia the Glaucocreazioni produces beautiful filigree jewels.
All the artifacts are in silver and are closely linked to the Sardinian artisan culture and tradition.

Discover the GlaucoCreazioni Lines, Su Kokku, Sa Bambuledda, Ylenja:
Precious amulets brings luck to men, women and children from the most remote times on the island.

Who are we?

Watch video and photos of the company

The traditional jewels of Sardinia

Tales of mystical stories with different theories make the jewel Su Kokku very attractive

Precious characterized by an endless creativity that expresses tradition and innovation of the Made in Sardinia.

Sa Bambuledda

When the ancient meets modern.
The doll lucky charm

Original and unique jewelry
with a rich and vast collection

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