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Su Kokku Line

Tales of mystical stories with different theories, make the Su Kokku jewel increasingly fascinating. Glauco Creations tells his story that encompasses the origin of this wonderful creation that makes shine in the best showcases of Sardinia and beyond.

The Story

a jump in the past . . .

Sabegia, Is Coccos o Su Coccu, for us "Su Kokku" , as tradition is made of filigree gold or silver Sardinian.

Embraced in its interior a precious stone such as obsidian and onyx or finished with additional pearl and coral, all materials used against superstition and negativity, because they are considered pure energies conductors.

The story goes that was given to pregnant brides, from future godmothers, grandmothers, for the extreme function of protecting the wearer.


Trapping negative flows in it, 

laden glances of envy said in our Sardinian language "PIGARA SA DE OGU" and also against "Iellatura",

It was worn as an amulet for good luck proving its breaking occurred protection.

Our history interprets the influence of evolution that this precious
jewel has undergone over the millennia.

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